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People buy silicone doll for different reasons. First, some people buy silicone sex doll specifically for sexual purposes. Either for people who are single, unmarried, widowed or for whatever reason, they may find it an excellent option having the dolls with them to satisfy their sexual needs.

Some other people use them for companionship. Those who do not want to involve emotions in their sexual needs find the silicone sex dolls useful to them. They describe them as understanding and thus find them more appealing than human partners. Some other people use silicone sex doll to fulfill their fantasies. People develop fantasies especially from the admiration they have for movie stars of partners they admire. Such fantasies are can be fulfilled by having the silicone sex doll where they play sex with them in resemblance of the people admired.

Silicone doll is also used as gifts. Some people who love using the dolls for sex would appreciate them wholeheartedly if they were presented to them especially during special occasions such as birthday celebrations. In addition, silicone sex doll is as well used in photography. The realism portrayed by the dolls catches the attention of many photographers. They are thus used for shooting photographs for use in sex-related issues.

  • 5.4ft (165cm) high, 70lbs (32kg) ,
  • Oral: mouth 5.1in (13cm) deep,
  • Vaginal: 6.7in (17cm) deep,
  • Anal: 6.7in (17cm) deep
  • K-Cup (30C) bra size
  • Stainless Steel Skeleton
  • Height: 5.4ft (165cm)
  • Weight: 70lbs (32kg)
  • Bust: 43.5in (110.5cm)
  • Waist: 21.5in (53cm)
  • Hips: 30in (77cm)
  • Foot: 8.3in (21cm)




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