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In life like adult dolls, you may find a lot of amazing features and gadgets that can increase or enhance your pleasure in a great way. These features can include things like vibration control, moaning sound and other things. Some of these real love dolls can also mimic the feelings of a woman at an extant. That also increases the pleasure of a man and that is why you should choose these real dolls for your intimate pleasure.

Lydia is assembled strong, and can deal with each sort of drive you deliver on her body. She will bring it all with a look of unadulterated delight scratched into her substance shaded, life-like face. She will wear a sexy, high heeled shoe. Maybe we need to redefine sexy first. When you are finished with her you can store her in a sitting position or keep her lying on your bed, prepared and sitting tight for you to come back to her and give her sweet adoring throughout the night.


  • 5.4ft (165cm) high, 70lbs (32kg) ,Oral: mouth 5.1in (13cm) deep, Vaginal: 6.7in (17cm) deep, Anal: 6.7in (17cm) deep
  • K-Cup (30C) bra size
  • Stainless Steel Skeleton
  • Height: 5.4ft (165cm)
  • Weight: 70lbs (32kg)
  • Bust: 43.5in (110.5cm)
  • Waist: 21.5in (53cm)
  • Hips: 30in (77cm)
  • Foot: 8.3in (21cm)


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