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If you are really looking for the excellent site to get the best Manga Sex Doll deal, then you are definitely in the right place; search no further. We perfectly understand your needs. We appreciate that engaging in your sexual fantasies cannot come any better than when you have the perfect sex doll to fondle and to love. The quality of the material used to make the doll is vital for you to have extremely satisfying and realistic sexual experiences. Granted, though there are numerous materials used in making these lovable dolls, experience powerfully demonstrates the superiority of silicone love dolls compared to sex dolls made from any other material.

Height: 65cm
Bidet length: 57cm
Bust: 35cm
Under Bust: 26cm
Waist: 23cm
Hips: 34cm
Upper body: 19cm
Lower body: 38cm
Leg length: 31cm
Thigh: 18cm
Calf circumference: 11cm
Arm length: 24cm
Palm length: 6cm
Foot length: 8cm
Head circumference: 22cm
Head height: 9cm


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