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TPE Love Sex Dolls-For the ultimate Pleasure! When looking for ultimate sexual satisfaction, always consider buying nothing but the best quality sex doll. TPE love sex dolls are the best in the market today. The sex doll will give you the most satisfying pleasure. It actually feels like you are making love to a real human being.With it you can use it in the morning, at night or any other time you feel like it. However due to its smooth realistic feel it comes in, there is an added advantage, and you can always snuggle next to it. With this you get rid of that lonely feeling and enjoy a romantic night with your love doll and afterwards snuggling next to it in bed.

Advantages of sex dolls for men :

1.Feeling- sex toy for man which give you 99% similar feeling with real female.
2.Security- Ture Silicone Non-toxic, No peculiar smell, No pungent odor.
3.Flexible- can do different poses of real female.
4.Durable- you can use it over 3 years time.


Material: Silicone / TPE in-built skeleton
Weight: 33 KG
Bust: 87cm
Under the chest circumference: 63cm
Hip: 95cm
waist: 65cm
vagina deepth: 17cm
oral deepth: 13cm
anal deepth: 16cm
Thigh length: 38cm
Calf length: 40cm
Package size: 125*36*26cm



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